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1. 360°Air Inlet & Efficient Air Purifier

This air purifier for bedroom adopts the latest electric motor from 2024 and has super strong power. A room of 1925 sq.ft can be purified once within 1 hour, and a room of 385 sq.ft can be purified 5 times. And it has a 360 °air inlet. Our can absorb dust, pet hair, odors from the air in all directions.

2. Support Intelligent App Control

Download the "Smart Home Life" app. By controlling your air purifier for home large room through an application, you can remotely turn it on or off anytime, anywhere, whether you are at home or not. Our Air purifier can you a convenient operating experience.

3. Support Alexa or Google Assistant

You can connect to Alexa or Google Assistant through the app. When you want to get up or go out, all you need to do is say a word like "Alexa, turn on the air purifier". After that, our air purifiers for smoke odors will start working and purify the air for you.

4. HEPA Filter & 4-layer Filtration System

This air purifier large room comes with an H13 grade real HEPA filter element, which includes a 4-layer filtration system, namely Pre filter, H13 HEPA filter, carbon filter, Non Woven fabric.Our air purifiers for home pets, smokers can effectively remove 99.97% of smoke, car exhaust, oil fumes, pollen, volcanic ash, pet hair, pet dander, etc.

5. Timer and Sleep mode

When you go to bed at night, you can turn on the timer, set the 1-12H timer on the buttons on the body, or book the startup and shutdown times through the mobile app. And you can set a sleep mode where only one light is on. Our HEPA air purifiers for home can effectively reduce light pollution. It is worth mentioning that in sleep mode, the minimum is only around 22dB.

6. 4-speed Adjustment & child lock

This pet air purifier for home can adjust the 4-speed wind speed. And it can be adjusted to automatic mode. Moreover, it has a child lock function, which can effectively prevent accidental contact by children or pets, resulting in changes the settings.

More Product Details:

  1. PM2.5 Real-time Monitoring System: This HEPA air purifier for bedroom is equipped with a PM2.5 sensor, which can effectively monitor the PM2.5 index in the air and judge the air quality through the color changes of the icons on the display screen, making it very clear and clear. Blue represents very good, red represents polluted
  2. Smart Filter Replacement Reminder: Our room air purifier is equipped with a 3000H efficiency filter replacement reminder. You can also check the service life of the filter through the APP. After using the home air cleaner for 3000H, the indicator light will flash. Based on usage and air quality, it is recommended to replace the filter every 6-8 months. To ensure the good results of the product, we recommend that you use an official filter.
  3. Quality Assurance and Service: This bedroom air purifier is FCC certified, ETL Listed, CARB approved and 100% OZONE FREE, totally environment friendly. Besides, we provide 3-Years Warranty & Lifetime Service Support.
  4. Must See: The power adapter, manual and remote control are all inside the filter, please rotate the bottom of the air purifier to take out the filter before usage to get all the accessories.
  5. What's Included: 1*HEPA Filter Air Purifier, 1* Original Air Filter Element, 1* Power Adapter, 1* Manual



  1. Support: CADR: 320m³/h
  2. Support: Max Coverage: 1925 sqft
  3. Support: WiFi Connection
  4. Support: Smart APP Control
  5. Support: Alexa & Google Assistant
  6. Support: H13 True HEPA Filter&4 Stage-Filtration
  7. Support: 5 Air Quality Real Time Digital Display
  8. Support: 4 Speed Adjustment & Auto Mode
  9. Support: Child lock&Sleep mode
  10. Support: Smart Filter Replacement Reminder
  11. Support: 1-12H Quick Timer & Unlimited timer
  12. Support: 3 Years Worry-Free Warranty

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