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【Latest HEPA H14 filters】:JOWSET air purifier uses the latest HEPA 14 filter, which has 10 times the purification efficiency compared to the standard HEPA 13 filter.
【High Efficient Air Purifier】: Enjoy clean and fresh air with our JOWSET air purifier for large rooms! Using advanced air spiral technology, it refreshes the air per hour in spaces up to 1600 sq ft/150 sq m, ideal for home use.
【PM2.5 Real-time Display】: Our JOWSET air purifier for home features a built-in sensor that continuously updates and displays PM2.5 levels on the screen. With LED lights changing colors based on surrounding air quality, you can easily monitor and manage air purification, especially crucial for those with allergies and asthma.
【22 dB Low-Noise Operation】: Experience quiet operation with our JOWSET air purifier, which operates at just 22dB in sleep mode. Despite its reduced fan speed, it effectively filters the air, ensuring minimal disturbance while providing relief for allergies and asthma, even in large rooms.
【Breathe Easy, Stay Healthy】: The JOWSET Air Purifier, suitable for allergies and asthma, provides pure, fresh air for you and your loved ones, addressing all indoor air quality needs, particularly in large rooms.
【After-sales guarantee and 3-year warranty】:JOWSET offers original filter for purchase. The filter purchase ITEM ID is 5623754704. We provide a 3-year warranty. If you contact customer service within 7 days of purchase, the warranty can be extended.

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